Contributions to Youth BasketballThe South Florida Youth Basketball League greatly appreciates the financial support we’ve received from our sponsors!

They’ve made it possible for the kids in our communities to participate in a game they love on an annual basis.

On this page is our Contributions link which grants all those who don’t wish to be a full sponsor but are impressed with what we are doing and wish to contribute financially still.

We greatly appreciate any support and your consideration!

When you click our contributions button below you will go to a page where you may submit your donation via a credit card. You can choose your contribution amount and even determine if you want this to be an anonymous contribution. You can also make comments on the form to further help us by telling us what we are doing well or where we can use improvement. For contributions greater than $400.00 we can help you market your business by offering your company name on the backs of team league uniforms, mention in company flyers and website links on our website.

Sponsorships are needed for the success of our league. The purpose is to provide financial support in the areas of uniforms, gyms, equipment, officiating and scholarships. If you are interested in either sponsoring or assisting in finding a sponsor please contact Eugene Snell at 954-809-5131 or use our online contact form. We would greatly appreciate your time and any assistance you may be able to provide our league with.